If you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine.

I'm shattered porcelain,

Glued back together again

Invincible like I've never been.

Meeting Laindry is best likened to meeting the sun itself. He is an unstoppable powerhouse of youthful vim and vigor, and there is rarely an instance where he appears sour in the face. His innocent excitement for life is worn on his sleeves... if he hasn't already flexed them apart.

Laindry is in peak physical condition with a body that may as well be carved out of stone; his past involving years of intense manual labor and his enthusiasm for exercise makes it easy for him to stay in shape. He never holds still for long and will find any excuse to get up and move. Someone may have to stop him, lest he go on and become a fitness-crazed primal of his own making.

Unfortunately his rigorous fitness routine has done nothing for him from the neck up. He has a round babyface that would better befit a child.







2nd Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon


Midlander Hyur








Security guard, hired muscle


The Mist


The Black Shroud

In-game Name

Laindry Law





Blonde, often braided or pulled into a messy over-the-shoulder ponytail


Honey yellow






Endomorph, muscular, dense

(He is much larger than he appears in-game)

Distinguishing Features

He has a bit of a babyface that is stuck in a permanent smile, even when at rest. He bears torturous streaks of scar tissue on his shoulder blades and the back of his neck, and most visibly his outer arms and the backs of his hands.


Laindry's fashion is very thrifty. The clothes on his back are very obviously secondhand.

Common Accessories

Company linkpearl


Positive Traits

Lively, positive, generous, goofy, morally sound

Neutral Traits

Spontaneous, restless, excitable

Negative Traits

Short-sighted, naive, impulsive


Laindry loves his best friend, smiling, exercising, training, and eating strange food combinations.

Dislikes & Fears

Laindry will rebuke any dehumanizing ideas or behavior without fail, and would sooner die than take part.

He fears having his freedom stolen and isolation. The mere concept of being restrained is liable to trigger fight-or-flight.


Laindry tends not to discuss or even focus on his past. The present and future are what's most important.


  • Laindry spends most, if not all his time by a certain flighty elezen's side.

  • He loves to run to burn off excess energy and stress.

  • He carries an "emotional support anchor" (as he calls it) with him when he runs. It's a three hundred ponze anchor that he found washed up on the beach one day.

  • Laindry eats anything and everything in his path because of how much energy he burns. From this habit stemmed an appreciation for odd food combinations.


Extrovert to the Extreme

Laindry is the epitome of approachable and sociable. He's always looking for companions who find everything as exciting as he does.
Anyone with as much energy to burn as Laindry has is welcome to do so with him! Maybe go for a run or lift some boulders or punch the moon or something!

Gym Partners

Anyone with as much energy to burn as Laindry has is welcome to do so with him! Maybe go for a run or lift some boulders or punch the moon or something!

Back from the Brink

Laindry looks as though he's been through a lot, despite his very young age and stubborn smile. The backs of his arms bear the telltale scars of lashings, which may also speak for the state of his back.

Unpleasant Dreams

Laindry's neighbors who dwell nearby in Blackbriar's living quarters may have heard the occasional startled yelp from his and Feivel's room in the middle of the night.

Poor Ventilation

Does this guy ever talk about anything negative?